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*** We are now offering a special Staff Workshop in light of the prevalence of gun violence in schools, our workplace and out in our communities. This workshop is aimed at strengthening your staff's relationships. It's important to show your employees that you care about their well-being and their safety and what's going on in their lives. It's also important to give them the tools they need to stay calm, alleviate staff altercations and have fun in the work place!
If you have 20 staff members or more, receive 5% off. If you have 50 or more staff members attending the workshop, receive 10% off. And, if you have 75 or more attend, receive 15% off!

**All classes and workshops count toward your staff's 15 hours of E.C.E. annual training!  

Individual Hour-Long Classes for Teaching Staff

Working with Indigo Children vs. Problem Behaviors
                This course is designed to provide a different take on problem behaviors and why else they might occur. The aim is to provide a kinder, more understanding response for teachers with their students. Children learn in different ways for different reasons and adding a more positive guidance strategy when reacting to adverse behaviors will create better, longer-lasting relationships and trust in the classroom. For those children who feel and act different, we can help your staff relate to them better for a more positive outcome.
                “Indigo kids are actually quite predictable. They are triggered by the same things over and over again. Understanding the indigo mindset is a primary mechanism for "cracking the code" as to why indigos get triggered. There is almost always an indigo mindset-trigger connection.,” InnerSelf.
This course explores the Indigo (often exhibiting as strong willed and stubborn, having problems with authority, intuitive, often psychic, creative and unafraid of trying something new, lacks patience, often gets frustrated, despite being a rebel, they need clear boundaries and structure while growing up, can be insecure, often diagnosed as ADD, ADHD), the Crystal (often exhibiting as touchy-feely, emotional, making decisions based on intuition and feelings, often have allergies and sensitivities, enjoys solitude, make lasting friendships, are good counselors and mediators, are often musical, connect with young children, animals and the vulnerable, they put comfort well above fashion, often have to leave high-energy, crowded places because they feel overwhelmed, are healers or have a calming presence, sometimes labeled as being ‘on the spectrum’ because they are so self-contained) and the Rainbow child (often exhibiting as appearing to be in their own world, are loving and generous, sweet, but will a will of steel, brave and able to withstand hardship, often have to care for others, high energy, both physical and psychically, late to start speaking, sometimes three or four years old, Gender-fluid; everything-fluid, Don’t care what people think of them).
Some of these characteristics might seem normal for the typical child though the way in which we work with each type of child is significantly different. Being able to recognize these compounded behaviors will equip your staff with the ability to relate to all of their students effectively. Often times, parents want to speak about these differences in a trusted environment but are typically met with staff suggesting they speak with the school nurse or even worse issuing labels that don’t apply and can do serious damage.
Enriching Your Curriculum through Food and Culture
                This portion comes from our advanced curriculum and includes an introduction on using geography in the early classroom. We start with the 2-year-old classroom and progresses through the kindergarten classroom. When we use the concept of exposure and add it to culture, we have a wonderful enriched curriculum. Depending on the area of the world, we will incorporate activities, games, snacks and meals to match the region we are learning about. The ending result being that your students will be able to label the directions, continents, oceans, country, current and historical events, monies, and language by the time they are ready to enter kindergarten!
Using Anatomy in the Classroom
We begin in the 2-year-old classroom. This is a compound curriculum that will take the children through labeling body parts and systems with different activities, games, and art projects until they are proficient.
An Old Fashioned Curriculum
In this course, we discuss the age-appropriate expectations on behavior, manners, and respect. This should be incorporated in all curriculums in an effort to raise kinder and more well-rounded individuals. We explore the idea of saying the Pledge of Allegiance and possible nondenominational prayer each day in our classrooms.
A Sense of Community
Incorporating a volunteer-based mind-frame at an early age encourages a long-lasting sense of community. From our own advanced curriculum, we show our Jr. Firefighter Program where children are required to volunteer a certain amount of time each week (some of which is done with the school and the rest to be done at home so that the entire family participates together), where they also raise money for local initiatives that cater to the children’s own interests for example anti-bullying and dog shelters. We also have volunteer grandparents for older adults.
A Sense of Gratitude
When teaching, we use a multitude of tools to help get our lessons across. Two of which are an optional Christian Lesson plan and Aesops which help form ideal character traits in our young students in a sort of morality lesson. To be clear, religion is not taught here but instead we use two stories from the Bible and two Aesops each week to engage the children, promote memory recall and their writing and drawing abilities to convey a message. This is a concept that is a kindergarten State required lesson. We begin with the 3-year-old classrooms.
The Schedule
This is a topic that is too often overlooked. The importance of structure and consistency in the classroom are paramount to an organized and successful classroom.
Art In Color
This course explores the different type of materials that a teacher can use of sometimes forget about. This course also explores the different weekly themes including adding painters and musicians into your curriculum.
Literacy Matters
Our goal is to have your 3-year-olds reading! This course offers our proven techniques to bolster literacy in all classrooms 2-year-olds and older!
A Different Expectation
All too often we get stuck in the rut of thinking that the young child shouldn’t be pushed or challenged. Kids are very smart and thrive when the adults in their life set expectations and then celebrate when they’ve achieved. As apart of our advanced curriculum, we will show you completely different topics for the young child to be taught. We even have new ways of teaching more thoroughly with the same old preschool lessons. Our own students ages 3 and older can for example, name 16 different species of penguin, explain the concept of genocide as it relates to Chief Sitting Bull. Most of our curriculum is based off of the public-school kindergarten requirements so that your students will be ahead of their peers when entering kindergarten.
Language Immersion
This course offers a look at helping to raise a more complete child by offering alternate languages options, how to plan curriculum and both to introduce and implement this curriculum successfully.
Classroom Management
This course offers a look at how to set clear, age-appropriate goals, execution of expectations, how to record and test the young child, parent teacher conferences and milestone progress reports that follow each student from age 12 months on. We provide organizational tips and procedures to help! This course also explores both formal and informal means of tracking a child’s progress.
Name of the Game
Nutrition is extremely important. Offering an exposure to healthy meals that are not your typical school meals is an important part of standing out from other child care concepts.
Staff Relationships
This is a fun course that offers relationship building activities for your staff to get to know each other better during our time while learning more positive ways of communication. We also explore manners and respect in and out of the classroom, with administrators and parent interactions as well.
Money Management
This course offers a look at spending in the classroom and how to get the funds you need so you don’t have to spend your own money on supplies!
Administrative Matters
This is a course for your administrative staff and how they manage and interreact with the school employees and parents. Clear expectations for successful Directors, Supervisors and Administrators. A more realistic approach for a happier school. This course also includes a contract (parent handbook) review with policies and procedures to consider. Also, methods in creating a more stable staff environment. Consistency in the classroom could not be more important and this refresher class will help your administrative staff!
Classes are offered in the form of hour long seminars for $10 per class per person. Each subject can be extended for a more in-depth work shop experience for 3 hours at $50 per person or 5 hours for $75 per person. Workshops include more staff materials, in-depth implementation and appropriate forms and materials to do so as well as much more interaction. Staff receive lesson plan forms and art patterns for art projects.
Work-Shops for 10 staff members or more include lunch and snacks that either demonstrate ideas to use in the classrooms or will help foster staff relationships by engaging in a fun and yummy activity!
Some of the courses are meant to help your school gear up for the upcoming school year with fresh perspective and an edge on your competition by providing a first class learning experience that reaches all your students.  
We also offer two packages for your school training experience:
Gold Package Workshop:
If your school is looking for a new and more advanced curriculum that will set you apart from the competition then this package is for you! You won’t have to pay your staff to plan any lessons throughout the year. Most materials included for up to two classes per age, Twos, Threes and Four’s per school. Also included:
-A full 9-month curriculum that promises to have your 3-year-olds on a kindergarten math and reading level within 6 months
-Your 4-year-olds between a 1st and 3rd grade level by the time they enter kindergarten
-All paper materials up to 15 students per classroom for all art projects, all year
-Clear goals with progress reports and parent/teacher conferences
-All aspects of our advanced and complete curriculum including Character/Moral morning lessons, Circle Time with complete directions and explanations, Exercising and Yoga, Jr, Firefighter Program, provided menu, unique weekly and monthly lesson plans that are complete and with full instructions and paper materials
-Structured Schedule
-Access to Center Forms
-Certificate for 8 Hours of training per staff member, all school staff members
-Lunch and snacks
-Choice of three additional training topics included with a certificate of 3 hours per person
For more information please inquire!
Silver Package Workshop:
If you are looking for a fresh perspective on curriculum and how you can be set apart from the competition, then this is the package for you! While this package does not include materials, patterns for art projects and the training on an introduction to our advanced curriculum and classroom management concepts are included. Also Included:
-Up to Five Courses included with a certificate for 5 hours per staff member, all school staff members
-Structured Schedule
-Access to Center Forms
-Q&A to help staff feel ready for the upcoming school year
-Lunch and snacks
For more information please inquire!