Old Fashioned

One Stop Shop for Colorado's Early Childhood Educators

The Most Comprehensive Services
Available to Child Care Facilities all in one location!

-Annual & New Employee  E.C.E. Training starting at just $10 per hour, per staff member
-Subtitute Child Care Staffing (short/long term)
-Educational Consulting Which Includes: Parent Contracts, Center Forms, State Inspections and more!
-Parent Reporting
-Creative Uniforms

What makes our concept special?

We put an emphasis on Old Fashioned Manners and Respect, having a Kindergarten Prep  Curriculum, instilling a since of personal responsibility to our local communities and putting a premium on Empathy. 

Our staff is well trained and hand picked for those who love children and education. We believe that creative thinking when it comes to problem behaviors is crucial and that all children are capable of great things!
  1. Indigo Children vs. Problem Behaviors